Saturday, October 9, 2010

25 Random Facts About Myself I have never blogged before..but I consider myself a pretty entertaining person so I am hoping that maybe I can be entertaining to other people too. I should probably warn you, I swear frequently, and I use   ....<-- those things as often as I breathe. Consider yourselves forewarned. I decided to post 25 random things about me so here goes;
1. I have a weird obsession with boobs. Not just mine, everyones.
2. I can't smoke unless I have something to drink beside me.
3. I prefer sleep to...well..everything.
4. I'm not scared to die, I am scared that it will hurt.
5. I have 6 tattoos but I am a wimp..and I whine while I get them.
6. I have a Small Boy that is more intelligent than most people that I know. And some that I don't.
7. My boyfriend's nickname is Meat.
8. My best friend is my "Wife"
9. I'm ridiculous when it comes to my love of hockey.
10. I drink an average of about 7 cups of coffee per day (extra large)
11. I can't dance unless I'm with my wife.
12. I have probably read more books than some people know...but none of the classics.
13. I am going to try Stand Up Comedy.
14. I have never had my learners. (I'm more than 25.)
15. Or a pair of Manolo's
16. Kermit the Frog follows me on Twitter.
17. I have 3 sons, and I only birthed one of them. Mine, Meat's and the Wife's.
18. I have a Beethoven Quote tattooed on the back of my neck.
19. I have spent more than half of my life working with racehorses.
20. I can't sleep unless my big toe is crossed over the toe beside it and the pinkie over the ring toe.
21. I beat a crippling drug addiction. (January 7, 2005)
22.  I once told Pavel Bure I loved him in Russian. ( I was 10)
23. I cannot handle Buckley's. ( No comment)
24. I love Bacon.
25. Chuck Norris. (That is all.)

There you go, 25 random facts..that was really difficult, and I needed help. Yeah, I can ask for help. What? No, I'm just kidding. Sorry. Sometimes I get carried away.

I hope people read this. Because it's not really interesting to me. I knew all this stuff. Well, I did, after the Wife told me.

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  1. I think it's kinda cool that you're thinking of trying stand up comedy. I always thought I'd be good at that, but I can only be funny once with something and then I forget it, so I can't perform it again.

    Basically, I'm a one hit wonder.

    Love you DramaLlama...I mean, DramaticGirl! (if you get a costume, remember what Enda Mode says...NO CAPES!)