Friday, March 22, 2013


So..apparently this has turned into the venting spot. I'm fucking angry right now. I'm tired of people that tell me who I can be with, or around, or if I can smoke, or drink, or live. I don't fucking care what you think of me, or my boyfriend, or how We spend our money. It's Ours. Fuck you. If we want to spend all our money on smokes and weed and booze, it's nobody's business but ours.

We are adults. We work. We earn our money. We can spend it however the fuck we want. I hate the people that tell me we drink too much or smoke too much or sleep too much.

My roommate has no job, has no money, and seems to think he can tell me that I'm a lazy person and I should work more. Listen here you punk motherfucker, I have a job. My man is up every morning at 4:30 to go to work. If he drinks 20 beers before bed, every fucking day of his life, that's his perogitive. If I want to smoke 7 grams of weed and a pack of smokes every day, that's mine. You, at 22, and doing nothing with your life, don't get to tell us shit.

You want to tell me that he can't be here every day because he has his own house, that's fine too, but don't expect me to pay for anything other than the room I sleep in, because I won't be here at all. He has roommates, they have small kids, we just want to spend time together.

No one is telling me what I can do. I'm a fucking grown ass woman. Fuck you. Fuck your "rules". Fuck you telling me I'm lazy when all you do is sleep, watch movies, and snort coke. Go fuck yourself. I'm done with you.

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