Monday, November 22, 2010

I have been hiding under the covers..I'm sorry

So I have been away for a bit, mostly because I can't seem to find something funny to say..sure I can find things on the internet that are funny, but everyone does that. I could post updates about my life..but that's what Facebook is for. I could condense it into 140 characters..but that is why they have Twitter. So basically I'm kind of stuck..and not sure how to remedy the situation.

I added some new stuff to the layout to make it more fun, and an adult content warning. Because I'm socially responsible. Ha. That makes me giggle. Which is immature. So I suppose I am a direct contradiction of myself. Great. More angst. I thought that ended when I left my teens. "Who am I?" Shit, that's more of a question now than it's ever been.

Oh..shit..that's getting deep..hmm a change of subject. Ok..remember my post about snow? Well that was just a joke that Mother Nature decided to drop on us. It barely stuck. 7 days started snowing, and it has barely stopped. Not to mention the -20 temp. with an added -10 windchill. Good god. I hate winter. It makes me vile and angry. It also makes me yell at random strangers for things like not shovelling the sidewalk. Really?'s been snowing for a week and you can't get off your ass to shovel once? I'm not doing your sidewalk, you are 3 blocks away from me..and I live on a corner I have more sidewalk anyway.

It seriously makes me want to beat people up. Which is not really helpful. And makes me late for classes. Which when you are going to school for a legal assistant diploma is not exactly effective or legal. lol.

So anyway..I will try and think of something good to post. Until then. Hyperbole and a half and Books of Adam are the two best blogs on the internet if you love to laugh. I want to be them. Not at the same time..but individually for an hour or two..would be cool. :)

Stay warm. Because Winter fucking sucks.

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  1. I hate. HATE. Winter. I feel your pain.